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Outstanding products require outstanding techniques; however production is not possible without outstanding manufacturing facilities and environments. Additionally, for this reason we are eliminating lost time and resource wastage. Accordingly, the AZ-WORK plant is constantly introducing the most up-to-date facilities. We have the latest system in which we can carry out all processes from lathe and drill processing for small parts, through to large steel plate pressing, cutting, processing, assembly, and coating. Furthermore, the operation and quality control of these machines is carefully monitored by experts. After completion of the product, we conduct double or triple quality testing and examination in order to eliminate even those 1-in-10,000 defects. Operations that combine the most up-to-date facilities with skilled artisans adept in their craft have resulted in the high degree of trust given to AZ-WORK.

Head Office / Plant
2-4-12, Kashima,
Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
532-0031 Japan
Phone. 81 6 6309 0875
Fax. 81 6309 0252