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Management Philosophy

Basic Policy

We assure quality and reduce production costs by strictly maintaining the quality system.

Quality Policy

We devote ourselves to the quality-first principle, thus providing customers with products that generate a high degree of customer trust and satisfaction.

AZ-WORK MFG believes that the recruitment of personnel and an improvement in labor conditions that strengthens employees'. spirit after recruitment are important in realizing our management philosophy. While the labor turnover rate in the manufacturing industry is on an upward trend, we have maintained a rate at 50% or less of the average rate. Even during the period when recruitment rate fell into negative figures in most industries due to the economic downturn, we maintained an increment of 15% on an average. We are proud that our company is the largest company in the industry in terms of such achievements, which typically describes how AZ-WORK MFG strives to recruit personnel, improve labor conditions, and develop human resources. We recruit personnel who have the incentive to work together and are ready to realize our management philosophy.

Recruitment Information

Salary, etc.
Salary : Company rules allow us to pay a good salary, depending on experience and ability.
(Example of new high-school graduate: Basic salary 180,000 or more with a bonus of 3.5 months)
Allowance : Commuting, overtime (of 100%)
Raises in Salary : Once/year in April
Bonuses : Twice/year (July and December)
Work Time 8:00 to 16:45 (45 minutes for lunch)
Work Location Osaka Head Office/Plant
Holidays Year end and new year, national holidays, Saturdays (pursuant to the Company Calendar); annual holidays: 105 days
Paid holidays : 10 days for the 1st year; 12 days for the 2nd year; 13 days for the 3rd year; Up to 40 days can be carried over.
Welfare Including complete with social insurance, retirement benefit, and recreational tour
Education and Training · JIS Skill Qualification Test Training: Gas Welding Skill Training; Arc Welding
· Acquisition of certificate for industrial robots
· Training programs from various manufacturers including Panasonic, Toshiba, Yasukawa Electric, and Okuma)
· Operation and programming for industrial robots including NC machine tools
· Training programs for computers (Otsuka Corporation α Learning Center)
· Learning basic PC operations and tracing of drawings using drafting CAD
Qualification Graduates of high schools or higher education and those who have an incentive to work together and learn quickly
(Those with experience in CAD or have certifications will be given priority.)
Application · New graduates are requested to send a curriculum vitae, and experienced persons are requested to send a curriculum vitae and a professional resume to the following contact address.
· Candidates will be notified of the results of a documentary examination at a later date.
· Documentation sent to us cannot be returned.
· We will maintain the confidentiality of all applications.
Contact Address · Recruitment Staff, AZ-WORK MFG,
2-4-12 Kashima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
· Phone: 81-6-6309-0875
· Fax: 81-6-6309-0252
· m.yoshida[at]az-work.co.jp(*Please change [at] to @, when you send e-mail.)

Head Office / Plant
2-4-12, Kashima,
Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
532-0031 Japan
Phone. 81 6 6309 0875
Fax. 81 6309 0252